Remote Control

Control your digital camera using your computer. Adjust settings and release the shutter. Let cameraCONNECT do automatic Bracketing shots for HDR images or Interval shots for time lapse. All from your windows desktop.

Instant Image Transfer and Preview

cameraCONNECT can instantly copy new images to your harddrive and preview them, independently if you release the shutter on your camera or via cameraCONNECT on your PC.

Preview images are displayed in the correct orientation using EXIF data stored by modern DSLRs. They can be zoomed or displayed 1:1 for detailed inspection during shooting. Image caching allows ultra fast switching between images. 

cameraCONNECT main Screen

Check here for a detailed feature overview of cameraCONNECT. 


Supported Cameras

cameraCONNECT supports almost all DSLR Nikon Cameras. Click the link below to read the details.

And Yes, unlike other commercial software, the small Nikons D3100, D3200 and D3300 are supported. Download cameraCONNECT now to control your D3100, D3200, D3300 using your PC.


Read more: Supported Cameras


Download a timely unlimited Demo Version of cameraCONNECT for free NOW. Try the software before you buy.

cameraCONNECT is small, fast and easy to use. No camera specific drivers are required.

No annoying and lengthly installation routine, no unwanted Malware or Adware.

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