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Click the button below to download the latest version of cameraCONNECT.

Download cameraCONNECT 1.1

Note on Browser / Smart Screen warning


The simple installation program just copies the cameraCONNECT program files to a folder of your choise on your computer and creates a shortcut on your desktop. 

cameraCONNECT uses a plain install by copy. You can move the program folder to another location at any time or copy the program on a USB stick. To uninstall just delete the files and the short cut.

Windows XP

Before you can install cameraCONNECT on Windows XP you need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0 or 3.5.
You can download the .NET Framework from Microsoft here.

Note: Windows XP is not officially supported. However your camera may work under Windows XP. Please try the demo version before you buy cameraCONNECT. Support will not be provided for cameraCONNECT under Windows XP.

Demo Version

There is only one version of cameraCONNECT. If you download cameraCONNECT from the link above and start it, it will run as a "Demo Version". You will see this in the window title bar as well as under Options > About.

The Demo Version has the following limitations:

  • Maximum 10 files are transfered from your camera to your computer. You can close cameraCONNECT and start it again to transfer another 10 files.
  • Multiple buttons will show a nag screen that needs to be closed first, before you can continue.
  • Preview screen will show text "Demo Version" in two corners.

If you like cameraCONNECT you can buy it and install the license key from within cameraCONNECT using Options > License Info. This will remove all limitations and you have a fully functional licensed version.


To update from an older version just download the latest version using the link on top of this page and overwrite the files in you existing installation directory.

Licensed Version

Your license key is contained in the file "Abare.lic" found in your current installation directory. Please make sure not to delete this file. To update your current version just overwrite the files in you existing installation directory. The new installation will not overwrite your Abare.lic license file.



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