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cameraCONNECT Feature Overview

Main Screen

  • Comfortable adjustment of camera settings
  • Remote shutter release / shooting images.
  • Automatic connect to last used camera.
  • Automatic transfer of newest image right after shooting. It does not matter if the shutter was released on the camera or via cameraCONNECT.
  • Transfer of all images that are not on your harddrive yet (delta transfer)
  • Support for RAW image formats

cameraCONNECT main screen 


  • Automatic advance to newest image
  • Automatic orientation correction (portrait / landscape) based on EXIF data (if stored by camera)


  • Autozoom to preview window size or 1:1 display with quick panning
  • Panning position is remembered when switching between images


  • Image caching in main memory allows ultra fast switching between images in preview window
  • Cache size can be adjusted according to available RAM


  • Fullscreen preview
  • Multiple preview windows



Bracketing shooting

  • Automatic Bracketing, ideal for HDR shots
  • Bracket can be set symetric or asymetric
  • cameraCONNECT calculates possible number of shots, based on camera capabilities
  • Images can be transfered after shooting and renamed to bracket sequences to allow easy identification


Interval shooting

  • Automatic interval shooting
  • Images can be transfered during wait periods

Remote / Multi Screen Preview

  • Automatic image directory monitoring if no camera is connected
  • New images in the image directory are automatically shown in preview window
  • Share your image directory over the network and install cameraCONNECT on multiple computers. Once you shoot a new image all computers will automatically show it in the preview window.  

Easy and fast

  • No installation required, just copy the program files into any directory and run cameraCONNECT. To remove just delete the installation directory.
  • Can run from portable storage devices, like USB sticks.
  • No camera specific driver is required. Works with standard Windows driver.
  • True 64bit application on Windows 64bit.
  • Demo version available.




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